Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Another Wednesday already.... Wow where did the week go? Most of my week was lost to a child with chicken pox so I'm really happy that the week is behind me. Time to head on over to see what's on everyone's desks at WOYWW
My desk has been super busy this week with a class to prep for, my youngest daughters birthday (today) and my mother-in-law (to be)'s 70th (also today!!!).

The kitties have been helping out lots too and they are getting much braver. It's a wonder I get anything done with those two around lol.

 You can just see the remains of my daughters birthday card to the right. I was lucky at regional training this weekend to win some prizes and you can see a couple of them just in front of my little box drawers. I won ruffled ribbon and cherry scented embossing powder amongst other things.
 Maya (our little girl kitty) found a spot of sun and wasn't going to move lol. Normally I am chatting to my American friend on skype while I'm crafting as she is as addicted as me but Maya had other plans.
 Mauser (our boy kitty) in his favourite spot. Just a shame its on my chair!!!
 And finally, although technically I know its not my desk but I couldn't resist sharing this one of Maya snuggling up to my jars of bits and bobs.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

Till next time.... Happy Crafting


  1. Such cute kitties and lovely desk too:D
    Happy WOYWW day
    Lisa #16

  2. Sme cute photos nd lots of sun!! How nice to see it! Good luck getting things done, have a great week hugs trace x 35

  3. Fabulous!! Your desk is second only to mine in my favorites, lol! Can't wait to see all your new cards posted!!!

  4. happy woyww, love the kittens, you have a very colour coordinated work space. cherry scented embossing powder???? sounds weird but fab.
    mark 111

  5. That desk looks so tidy considering you had a busy week!!! Happy woyww! Trish #51

  6. Your kitties are too cute. I love that last photo of Maya.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #141

  7. Cute kitties! Fab desk too. Take care and enjoy this sunny & warm WOYWW. Zo xx 80

  8. Oh your kitty cat is beautiful and I understand fully when they take over your space. Mine are protective of mine when I am away from my desk. LOL I love your idea of puting your art tote on the lasy susan, might steal that idea off you, if you dont mind. LOL

    Eliza #49

  9. Like the cards I can see and your desk is really neat, Cherry scented embossing powder, whatever next? BJ #24

  10. Lol to you puss cats - they do know where your special spaces are, don't they?? Then they invade and refuse to move. Mine do exactly the same :)
    Cherry scented, huh - I'd be really worried if it was cherry flavoured, lol. There'd be a lot of crafters with glittery tongues!
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  11. Sounds like a pretty hectic week!

    Your chair? Don't you mean his chair, which he allows you to use when he isn't using it? ;)

  12. Your kitties are so cute! You have a neat workspace! How cool that you won some crafting goodies!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  13. Love your kitties.I think cats are Very Amusing!Especially kittens.They do such silly thinks.Nothing like a good laugh to brighten the day!very pretty workspace.
    Judy #5

  14. Cute kitties. Very organised and super tidy desk.


  15. Your kitties look so sweet! I can't blame you for being unable to resist showing them off. Love your blog theme, too! Its so fun! Look at me with the exclamation points! Its like I can't stop! :) Anyways, how hard is it to resist just a little taste of the cherry scented embossing powder? Not hard, you say? Hmm, go figure. :) Well, your space looks very pretty and nicely organized...thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a comment!
    ~Deeyll #171