Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Leeds Swaps...

I promised you pics of my swaps from training on Sat and here they are...

 I made several different colour flowers using the punch that matches the Mixed Bunch Stamp set (which we were given at training). The bottle caps we kindly saved for me by customers and my Dad.
 Side on showing the depth to the flowers. Apologies to those who wanted one but got to me too late. I received some lovely swaps in return and will try to get some uploaded here over the next couple of days. All the girls put in so much effort and I now have lots of new ideas to try out plus a longer wish list than before lol
 You 're never too young to get into paper crafting as my youngest is showing here... He regularly pinches bits from my desk and does his own 'stamp, punch' work. I love that he understands what I do and even calls it work lol

Concentrating very hard!!! He brought this table into my craft room some days ago and spends ages here at his 'desk' doing work. maybe one day I will be brave enough to give him stamp and inks... Till then its bits of paper only!

Till next time... Happy Crafting

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