Sunday, 20 May 2012

Old friends and new...

for me that was the best part about meeting up with everyone at Regional training yesterday. We all gathered at the totally gorgeous Weetwood Hall in Leeds for a fun filled day of swapping, business talk, general chatter and of course plenty of hugs and laughter...

 Over the next few posts I hope to share with you some of the gorgeous swaps I received and some of the fun we had.

 Waiting for the doors to open and a chance to catch up with friends....
 Some of the displays in the 'waiting'area.. They were all so fabulous and I came home "needing" stamp sets that hadn't really struck me before!
 Everything co-ordinated and looking scrumptious... Need that die now too lol
 My favourite set from the Summer Mini... Open sea.

Oh and the fortune cookies I made for everyone there. I will show you my swaps tomorrow but these were just a little something I decided to do on Fri afternoon (Thanks J! x). Each cookie is just a circle folded with a litte printed fortune (worded by me) punched out in the centre. I hope those ladies who got them see their fortunes come true!

Need to spend some time with the family now as they gave up their day for me yesterday.

Come back tomorrow for more scrumminess.....

Till then... Happy Crafting


  1. Glad you had a good day Emily. I've seen those fortune cookies before and tried to make them but got in a mess. You've obviously got the knack they look great. Zx

  2. It was good to meet up again Em, and yiiiiikes my bum looks big in this photo. LOL big hugs xxx

  3. Soooo jealous! LOL! But so happy that you got to go! Looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing more details! Tell Monica she looks fab - as always!!!