Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ribbon Swatch Tutorial

Good Morning all...
The sun is trying hard to shine by the seaside and it looks like being another lovely day. The kids are all on summer holidays now so we are enjoying a lay start to the day. 
While chatting with some of my other demo friends I came across a question about ribbon swatches and the best way to show our gorgeous ribbons off to customers. 
Here is the way I do it and a short picture tutorial on how to achieve the same look. 

This is my swatch from last year. I will be using the time over summer to update it with all the new ribbons

To make these all you need is....

I also use a seed bead threaded onto the eye pin to give extra security. 

Once the seed bead is threaded onto the eyepin I start putting the ribbons on. It's fairly easy to push the pin through the ribbons. 
I have only threaded one ribbon so you can see the components clearly but you will need to thread all your ribbons on at this stage.

Once all the ribbons are on you will need to put the bead cap on. These come in lots of different styles so you will have fun choosing them too. 

Next is the swivel clip or you can just use a jump ring. I use the swivel clip to allow me to take each ribbon swatch off the main ring easily. 

Here I have removed the swivel clip just for the purpose of taking the picture. You need to bend the eyepin over and trim so that the free end tucks back into the bead cap. Make sure you have tucked it in well. 

Here is the finished swatch. Of course yours will have more ribbons on but it was easier to take photos this way.

Please pop back and let me know how you get on. It's really easy to do (if a little fiddly) and your customers will love being able to see the ribbons in all their technicolour lovelyness!!!

I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you are doing .