Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Spread the love...

Good Morning from a wet and windy seaside....
I wanted to show you this lovely picture of my good friend Karen and her first card.  The smile on her face says it all I think!
 Karen had never crafted before and really didn't think she could create anything that would look this good but I have to say she took to it like a duck to water and really enjoyed herself.

How often have we heard people say "I'm not a crafter" or "I wouldn't know where to start"?
Well these are just 2 of the phrases I hear from my non-crafty friends all the time.
However I'm not one to take no for an answer and urge everyone to give it a go. No one is born a crafter and each of us started somewhere and it is one of the best therapies around, even being trialed by some GP practices as a form of therapy for depression.
With that in mind I decided to make this year all about spreading the love of crafting and set about trying to encourage as many people as possible to give it a go.
I hope you too will 'spread the love'
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  1. Nice to see you blogging Em, and waves madly to Karen, THAT'S A REALLY FABULOUS CARD *grin*