Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Project Life catch up...

Apologies from the start but this post is a little picture heavy compared to my usual.

It's been chaotic here beyond belief and while we have still benn enjoying the fun that Pax gets up to, managing to blog about it has gone to pot.

So here is a catch up of the Elf antics and how they have been recorded in the album. 
Thank goodness for Project Life when real life gets busy

Day 4 Pax tries to get the goodies on top of the fridge
Day 5 Pax went on an adventure and got stuck in the tree! Thankfully Caiden is a top reader and managed to read the note Pax left and found him just in time.

Day 6 Pax decided to have some fun in the night and bounced all the way downstairs like and andrex puppy! 

Day 7 Pax found Caiden's art box and decided to cheer up the bananas!!!

Day 8 Just what a busy Mum needs.... Pax decided it is too warm here and wanted to play in the snow again like he does at the North Pole. Only thing he found was flour so we woke to flour angels.

Be sure to keep popping by to see how the album develops. Hopefully time will be plentiful this week. 

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