Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Well there's not much going on here this week.... It's time for another peek at my desk with this weeks WOYWW Its been a strange bank holiday and not much crafting has happened. My folks came up on Friday for the weekend so we took advantage of having them here to get some work done on the house.
Sat morning the Nutty one and I went out to get some supplies and on our way to the DIY store came across an accident. We stopped to help as the driver of the car had been thrown 50 or so metres into a nearby field. A couple of others who had seen the accident stopped too. The man was in a very bad way so I gave the Nutty one my cardigan to cover him up with and whilst I went to look for his dog. The Nutty one stayed and talked him to keep him concious till the ambulance arrived. Within minutes both land and air ambulances were on the scene. Unfortunately I got a phone call from one of the policemen in the afternoon to say the man died later in hospital, so as you can imagine it's not been a weekend for crafting. I am part way through a project for our bedroom and it has lain untouched on my desk since Friday eve.

 As you can see the terrible two have taken full advantage of my empty chair to get some much needed rest... It's hard being a kitty you know lol

I hope you all had a very enjoyable Jubilee weekend and till next time.... Happy Crafting


  1. That's so sad about hat man; good for you for stopping to help though!

  2. I know it's been an odd week for us both!! Hopefully things will calm down soon! Hugs!

  3. That is so terrible about the man, at least he had you and Nutty there to make him feel better at the time. Hope next week is better for you.
    Von #1

  4. Wow, what a sad turn of events! Makes one thankful for their life and children.
    Stay well and hope you can craft something soon. It is therapeutic at times.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that the man died, it must have been horrible. I am wondering if his dog was found, hate thinking of the poor animal roaming around looking for his owner :( Now on a happier note, your terrible 2 look like their life is not rough at all :) They look adorable camped out on your chair! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. That's certainly a horrendous, tragic accident to witness Emily and I'm not surprised that it's affected you so much. But I just think that the man was very lucky that kind thoughtful people such as yourselves were willing to stop and help. It must have been very comforting to the victum to have the Nutty one stay with him whilst waiting for the medics. Sorry to say the Nutty one but I'm not sure what else to call him.

    Those kitty's look like they have lots of fun together and get up to lots of mischief ^..^
    Have a lovely weekend ~ you deserve it :D
    Neesie #7

  7. Thank you all... The Nutty one (yes that his name) and I were not the only ones there but the only ones not involved or to have seen it happen.
    I thank my lucky stars we got sidetracked and left the house 5 mins later than we planned.
    As you can see from my latest post the mojo has returned and I'm glad we stopped to do what we could.