Thursday, 12 January 2012

I made it...!

Firstly let me say Happy New Year to you all.

To be fair I made it out of my craft room some time ago but was sooooo busy moving into my new room there just wasn't time to post.

I'm happily settled in there now and the creative mojo has returned (think it got lost in all the 'stuff' that was in the girls den).

Its been a long time coming and not so much a "labour of love" for my other half but he persevered and without too much fuss. Here he is levelling the floor prior to tiling. Let me just say buying an old house to do up seems like a good idea till you realise nothing is straight or level!!!
After bucket loads of self levelling compound ( a misnomer, as it certainly doesn't self level lol), he finally was ready to tile.

Fully tiled and ready to go!

I was soooooo excited last fri when we got to this stage that I didn't sleep too well that night and was like a kid at Christmas waiting to move the shelves etc in. 

So from this...............

With a little help from Caiden.......

I finally ended up with this......

Its still a work in progress and believe me you do not want to know how much stash is still stored upstairs but I finally have my own place to go and escape the madness that living in a house with 4 kids and 2 huskys brings.

A HUGE thank you to my gorgeous OH who has never once moaned despite being nagged by not just myself but Jeannie via Skype to fnish the room.

Till next time
Bloggy Hugs

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  1. Your new craft room looks great, am in the process of redoing mine. Such a lot of stuff I no longer use [ such a lot of money wasted !!!! ] Wishing you many many happy hours in your new room. xx WeeLassie on ILWS.