Tuesday, 2 May 2017



The weeks are just flying by and here we are ready for another TIDY UP TUESDAY.
Last week I promised to show you how I store my designer Papers.
I use 2 different ways but you can use one or the other depending on space and budget.
I was lucky enough to pick up this fab 12x12 storage tower when my local craft shop closed and I use that to house my current papers. This makes them accessible when planning classes.I tend to use things I can see readily so have my current items in view.

For retired papers that I simply can't bear to part with then I use 12x12 clear boxes from my local store. I label them as you can see along the edge so again at a glance I can find what I need.
Papers are stored by the year they were in the catalogue.

Inside each box the are marked with a post it note with the name of the paper, year of release and type of catalogue.

I really hope that helps you and have fun with your storage but above all make it work for you. 

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