Monday, 2 March 2015

The Creative Blog Hop

Last week I was nominated by the lovely Jeannie over at Jeannie's Happy World to take part in the Creative Blog Hop. 

Why not I thought....... and then the nerves set in! What would I make, will it be good enough, what are the readers out in blog land looking for? That and a million other questions rolled round in my head. I have been quietly working away on my blog, occasionally inviting people in for a nose around but mostly just journalling my creative journey. 

The creative part came quite easy in the end as I have been working on some projects for my next weekend retreat which is coming up. I decided to take inspiration from the project I was creating and turn it into a card.

So here is my card....

and a close up of the elements which are placed on dimensionals to give a little depth to the card. 

I'm totally in love with this very soft, simple colour combo. Stampin' Up!s Baked Brown Sugar and Basic Black on Very Vanilla.

Now for the scary part!


# 1. What are you working on right now?  
I have several things on the go just now including projects for my upcoming retreat as well as card classes. Unfortunately all of which has to be kept secret for a little longer. I am also working on some display pieces for a local seaside cafe. 

# 2. How does you work differ from others in your genre?
I'm not sure it does really. As an active Stampin' Up! Demo I have to be happy showcasing lots of different styles and techniques. I guess I am a  less is more kind of girl who likes a softer colour palette.  

# 3. Why do you create what you do?
In a word... THERAPY! I started my creative journey many years ago as a cross stitcher, believing that I didn't have a creative or artistic bone in my body. I had once asked a friend at college if she would teach me to draw... It failed and I resigned myself to a life with out creativity. Until I picked up a needle and I realised I could create something. One year while in a hobby shop looking for a new pattern for my needle to work on I saw some cute snowman toppers and though I could stick those onto some card and make special cards for my 3 daughters for Christmas. 
I was hooked! I started buying more toppers and sticking them on all I could. The journey from there was rapid and more inspiring than I ever thought. I quickly found stamps which became my tool of choice as I could change a blank piece of card into my own work of art. 

# 4. How does your creativity work?
In mysterious ways! I find inspiration in the strangest of places, (just ask my other half who has to sit there while I ask strangers if I can take pictures of their skirts etc). 
I usually start with something like that and take the colour combination or style and then sketch out a design. I'm loosely methodical in my approach and enjoy the thinking part as much as the doing part. I tend to work the design out on based on a set size (A6) and then expand from there. This gives me the confidence to know that the colours, design etc work how I want them and then I can move it on to a larger size eg scrapbook page or 3D item. 
Often my best creative moments are in the last min and I work better with a deadline than an open ended timescale. In moments like this adrenalin is my muse friend and I tend to make less creative errors!  

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my world. It's a tranquil part of a very chaotic life and I honestly would be lost with out craft.

My very talented and lovely friend Michelle over at Doodlebird Deisgns will be sharing her journey with you nest week so be sure to mark the date and pop over for a look. 


  1. I love your card!! So soft and pretty! Thank you so much for being a good sport and playing along. You did a fabulous job!

  2. Love the card, thanks for the nomination, hope I live up to your expectations and standards xx

  3. Love the neutrals on this pretty design. Zx