Friday, 12 April 2013

Its all about the colour...

It's continuing to be a very exciting time in the Stampin' UP! calender. First we had all the lovely free stuff you could earn during SAB and now just as we demonstrators get ready to mourn the loss of 5 amazing colours we have this announcement... 

Stampin' UP! are always bang on trend with their colours and so to keep the palette fresh we are saying goodbye to some old favourites and welcoming some new. 
Now this may seem scary but in fact several of the colours are already in our palette they are just joining a new group of friends as they move families. A couple are like long lost family members and are returning from the In colours that retired last year. A couple are visiting us from over the pond as they are old colours from the US which didn't make it to the new market over here. Lastly we have a brand new addition to the family and this is the one that excites me most lol. A lovely light grey! I know of all the colours we are getting with the new catty I have to go for a grey. 

Sadly this means we have to make room and so we will be saying goodbye to a few of our favourite shades. I will be stocking up on a couple of my personal favourites for personal use and encourage you to do the same as the colours leaving us are now only available while stocks last.

Lastly we will also have 5 brand new colours join us when the new In Colours are added to the family.

I do hope you are feeling as excited as me about the changes to our colour family and the opportunities this brings us to freshen our crafting and explore new and exciting combinations. 

I will be back with more exciting news soon

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