Thursday, 22 November 2012

Craft fair season

I know it's far too early to even be thinking about Christmas (there I've finally said it) but for all the organised people out there its never too early to be getting those little gifts for loved ones and so I have been helping them in their quest for the perfect day...

I thought I would show you some of the goodies I have been selling at various fairs locally.

                                         The stall all set out with a forest of book trees
                            Snowman Poop... Lots of these bought for the men in peoples lives
                                                                   Reindeer Food
                                                                   Reindeer Poop
                                                                Snowman Soup
                                                         Decorated chocolate bars
                                                               Stamped Candles
                                                          Pencils with cute toppers
                                               Baggies of chocolate and jellies

The most popular seemed to be the Poop and Soup so I have been busy re-stocking my baskets of these goodies and more for the next few fairs.

Hope to see you at one soon - next fair is at Sutton On Sea 8th Dec


  1. HOW MANY trees have you made!!! lol it all looks fab chick :) xx

    1. Charlie I did 20 in total but have few undecorated ones here just in case I need more lol