Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sneak Peek....

I'm heading back to my old Stampin ground (literally) of Stamford, Lincs this weekend and holding a class for the lovely ladies at AJ's and thought I would share with you a sneak peek of a card or two we will be doing this Sat.

The ladies wanted to centre the class around the Bigshot and the different techniques you can acheive with it. The bright eyed amongst you will spot the technique used on this card but  if you're not familiar with it why not get in touch and let me come and show you and your friends just how easy it is.

I'm running classes in Stamford every other month for those of you that way on and I also do classes the first Saturday of the month at my home in Mablethorpe. Along side that I also do workshops in your home for you and your friends so why not email me at stampinmermaid@hotmail.com to find out how I can help you .

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  1. I know what it looks like!!!! And it's gorgeous! Well done, you! Have fun at the class!