Saturday, 19 February 2011

This one's for you Pat.....

My lovely SU sister Pat yesterday told me that she looks in on my blog everyday so this one is for her.
I was in a local seaside store (the kind that sell everything!!!) and found these A6 sized canvas packs for a ridiculous price and immediately thought SU. I think it helped that they were card sized so designing something wasn't too daunting.
As we are in the process of doing up our house I thought about something for Daughter no 2's bedroom... Trouble is she is a fantastic artist at aged 11 so no pressure there then!!!
In the end I plumped for Vintage Vogue combined with my favourite punch, Two Step Bird (I love how versitile this punch is) .
Pat, I hope you like this and Thank You for looking in everyday. I promise to try and blog more often x

1 comment:

  1. Pat says Lesson No 1 just completed. Lovely card. Keep them coming !!!